We've been creating cutting-edge table tennis training courses and DVDs since 2007. Here's what our students are saying about how TableTennisUniversity.com has helped their game...

"The confidence I got from your DVDs is incredible. I'm used to watching other players with envy, now they're envying me!"

- Marcus Hansen (Tucson, AZ)

"I want to say thank you so much for the DVDs. I find them (all of them) both inspiring and "super-instructing", and indeed clear and methodical. This is uplifting table tennis "education".

I was a very active and serious player in the northern part of Norway decades ago. As I am finding my way back to the table I find that these DVDs are making my journey even more interesting and hopeful - now I really think it's possible for a 50 year old slugger to get the grip of modern table tennis and once again be a winner (in my class). "

- Dag Sture (Norway)

"I just received the DVDs this week and must say they are first-rate - nowhere else have I seen each stroke broken down into such detail. I can't wait to apply what I've learned at my club."

- Chuck Ward (East Sussex, UK)

"I have trained with the Forehand Loop Mastery DVD for two weeks and have seen visible improvement. My USATT rating was 1100 previously. But, recently I have been able to hold my own (and sometimes beat) 1500-1600 players. Occasionally I even put so much top spin that my opponent completely misses the ball! It is a great feeling and I have already seen results early on."

-David Johnson
Norman, OK

"The DVDs are great! The biggest thing I realized was my form was totally off when trying to perform loops... anyway just yesterday I unleashed a sidespin loop on my buddy, you should've seen the look on his face! Thanks again!"

- Richard Wilson
Cincinnati, OH

"I thought I was hopeless and was shocked at how quickly I was applying serious topspin to my shots... and keeping them on the table! The biggest thing is I now know how to practice with purpose while most of my friends are wasting time goofing around. This stuff is so good."

- Ed Wong
Oakland, CA

"Thanks for such an informative DVD... before watching it my smash was outta control and the tips I picked up helped me greatly with my ball placement. I'm a sniper out there!"

- Jason Francis
Toronto, ON

"I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am right now... I just finished smacking around this guy at my club who until now has always left me in complete disarray. I crushed him 11-3! Your DVDs have given me an unfair advantage."

- Simon Cheng
Melbourne, Australia

"The best service available on the net!"

Last year, when we signed up for TTU, my brother was 4th in England in the U11 category. Thanks to your amazing training videos my brother has progressed tremendously and is currently 9th in England in the U13s. Last season he also managed to top the fifth division of our local league (with a win ratio of 100%, out of 35 games) and won the award for most improved player.

Your videos have helped me and my brother out in countless occasions and we always recommend you to friends and family. We firmly believe you are the best service available on the net!

- Andrew & Matthew Daish (New Milton Table Tennis Club)

"Now I can mentally analyze the game and other players!"

TTU has given me the opportunity to be a better player. Since joining, my style and performance are much better. The members at my club say, "Hey, now you play different. It's difficult to win against you. What are you doing?"

I just say, "I'm taking some courses on the internet, from Table Tennis University."

I am very pleased with the classes I receive. I don't have much time to do all the practice they recommend, but now I can mentally analyze the game and other players - how they serve, how to receive, how to beat them, how to have ball control in rallies.

- Roldan Rivera (Republic of Panama)