Do you feel like you've hit a plateau in your table tennis? Are you losing to the same players over and over again, week in, week out? If so, this post is for you!

The most common next move when you find yourself in a bit of a rut is to blame your equipment and spend a fortune on the latest blade or rubber, endorsed by some professional player, in the hope that a new racket will magically improve your level. Please don't fool for the advertising of the big table tennis brands.

Buying a $300 blade will do nothing for you if you don’t have a solid base of fundamentals to work from!

Jerking around, hitting loops and smashes with your buddies is counter-productive if you haven’t developed a strong short game.

Even if you are serious and committed... putting in long, frustrating hours of training will simply reinforce bad habits without proper guidance.

And getting quality one on one coaching (if you even have access to a good coach) is only effective if done consistently... this ends up being very costly so it’s not an option for most people.

The bottom line is... without regular, continuous instruction from a qualified coach, you’ll never reach the higher levels of table tennis.

This is the exact reason why you continue to make the same mistakes, lose to the same players the same way, and feel the devastation that comes from being “stuck” and not knowing what to do.

Look, so much goes into becoming a well-rounded table tennis player...

  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Footwork
  • Service
  • Returning serve
  • Looping
  • Blocking
  • Short game
  • Strategy
  • Ball placement
  • Reading spin
  • Fitness

The list goes on and on.

It’s no wonder so many players struggle to improve their game. Who can blame them?

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you know your technique is correct?
  • How long do you focus on one skill before moving onto the next? And what is the next?

These are just some of the basic questions any player serious about improving their game should ask before undertaking any type of training.

A more seasoned player might be dealing with questions like...

  • How do I better disguise my serve?
  • How do I read my opponent's spin?
  • How can I add more power to my shots without losing control?

The list is endless!

It can drive you mad just trying to make sense of it all. With so much to learn and do, trying to get better can cause you to end up exhausted, frustrated, and confused trying to figure out, “What’s the next step?”

The good news is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned vet who’s reached a plateau, or if you're a novice just getting started - you've just stumbled across the most valuable table tennis training program in existence...

Introducing, Table Tennis University

Table Tennis University is a revolutionary online training program created by Coach Tao Li that will transform you into an elite, well-respected table tennis player in the shortest time possible.

Whether you want to turn pro or just win a local tournament, TTU will help you get there.

It covers every aspect of the game in extraordinary detail and will give you insider secrets, winning techniques, and advanced strategies that many top level players don’t even know.

If you’ve been at this on your own you’re nowhere near where you could be. You’re wasting time and probably developing bad habits while you’re at it.

You need a top qualified instructor to show you the ropes. You need details on what to practice and how to practice, on what you should do and probably more importantly, shouldn’t do.

In these professionally recorded HD videos, you’ll be given a road map to follow that ensures your success.

Here’s what's covered in TTU...

Here are some of the skills you'll acquire from Tao Li's Table Tennis University course;

  • The correct way to hold your racket, both shakehand and penhold grip explained
  • Learn proper form and technique, from foot placement to racket angle
  • How to perform the different variations of footwork and the best time is to use each
  • Control the depth of your serves, both short and long
  • How to keep your serves low
  • Produce all variations of spin on your forehand and backhand serves
  • Effective ways to add deception to your serves
  • Add more spin to your serves without losing control
  • Handling impossibly short returns and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to return all service combinations - sidespin, topspin, backspin, no-spin, short, long (none of these will phase you anymore)
  • How to position yourself for the best service return
  • The best way to return serves when unsure of the spin
  • Overcome nervousness when playing
  • How to learn and improve from your mistakes
  • How to practice without a serious partner
  • How to beat long pips players
  • How to beat anti players
  • How to beat choppers
  • Improve your reaction time
  • Predict your opponent's ball placement
  • How to keep your body low while playing
  • Consistently keep your pushes low
  • How to practice deliberately and get the most out of your training without wasting time
  • Hit forehand and backhand slow loops successfully without missing the ball
  • How to get control of your smashes and place them where you want (instead of in the net or beyond the table)
  • Maintain control of your counter-attack
  • Add power to your kill shot without losing control
  • Execute hook & fade loops
  • How to loop vs. the dreaded dead ball
  • The secret to hitting the "second" topspin in a rally
  • Get more depth on your loops
  • Develop an aggressive backhand drive and loop
  • Increase the spin & speed of your loops
  • Commit to third ball attacks instead of taking the "safe" defensive option
  • Get pinpoint accuracy on your kill shots
  • How to loop heavy backspin
  • Become a confident player who initiates the attack successfully
  • Execute second, third, fourth, and fifth ball attacks - once you know how to handle all situations, you'll be a much more dominant player
  • How to attack your opponent's serves! Stop waiting for your opponent to make the first move and develop the confidence to attack early and often
  • How to block loops to your playing elbow
  • How to block heavy topspin
  • How to block hook & fade loops
  • How to position your body to ensure much better control on your blocks
  • Learn the one thing you should never do when blocking
  • Hold your own in intense rallies, and force your opponent to make the first mistake
  • And much more!

It's easy and the results are immediate.

As long as you’re motivated, able to follow simple steps, and willing to invest in yourself to do what needs to be done, then you too can build up your game to a level you can be proud of.

With regular review and repeated practice of what's revealed in the TTU curriculum, your game will completely transform. You’ll be looking for tournaments to join and opportunities to play as often as you can. You'll become a well-rounded, dominant, and consistent player able to hold your own at levels you once thought were out of reach.

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by Jackson Meyn